Three Tips to Improve Revenue through Sustainable Packaging

How does your company use packaging to communicate your sustainable message? For more than 10 years we have pioneered and proven that sustainable packaging is ‘green gold.’

Top 3 Value Drivers of Sustainable Packaging

• Authenticity. Our experience proves that consumers interested in sustainable products do their research. And, it’s becoming increasingly easier for anyone to sniff out a greenwasher, a fake. Every packaging company is on the green bandwagon now. Be sure to demonstrate your sustainable position in everything you do, including packaging.

• Reliability. Be sure to choose sustainable packaging which performs at the same or better levels of its non-sustainable packaging counterpart. Sustainable packaging gets no free passes.

• Be Transparent about Sustainability. The direct and simple approach to communicating sustainability is to print a message or certification on the packaging. We are members of Green America, Chicago Fair Trade, and the Sustainable Business Alliance, so we encourage using those marks with our packaging – others may use marks from FSC, SFI, Rainforest Alliance, or others.

Custom Sustainable Packaging from Tree-Free Paper. Chocolate boxes made by Distant Village, Inc.


Using these marks is an effective way of informing customers and clients, but in addition to these marks there is powerful implied messaging through use of natural and waste-saving design. By using clearly sustainable methods which differentiate you from the crowd, you will impress clients, minimize material, and establish a powerful sustainability message beyond your competition.

For more information on how to improve sustainable messaging through packaging, contact Distant Village at 1-773-276-4554 or at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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