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Why Sustainable Jewelry Boxes are the Perfect Choice for Handmade Jewelry Designers

If you’re a handmade jewelry designer, you have likely spent a lot of time searching for packaging that will compliment your jewelry designs. Finding the right high quality sustainable packaging for your business helps to round out an organic story for your handmade jewelry, demonstrating authenticity to discriminating eco-friendly customers.

Natural paper packaging may be exactly what you’ve been searching for, and can be the perfect choice for your natural and handmade products. Natural packaging can be an ideal fit for fashionable or boho jewelry made with natural stone, gemstones, non-conflict sterling silver, non-conflict diamonds, beaded jewelry, Amber, Sea … Read More

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Top Trends Leading The Future Of Sustainable Packaging

100% Recycled Packaging

In my previous blog post I shared new and innovative sustainable packaging developments which included mushrooms, wild grass, banana plant fiber and hemp.  Pretty exotic and exciting stuff!  This is the new normal in packaging.

However let’s

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Five Best Non-Tree Paper Packaging Solutions

Tree-Free Packaging made from invasive plant fibers. 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

Keeping up with the newest sustainable packaging alternatives is like keeping up with the latest techie gadgets. The sustainable packaging market is evolving rapidly, and yesterday’s top alternative

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Packaging Made From Coconut Fiber And Hemp Fiber

natural chocolate packaging

A blog post starting with Ziggy Marley may seem off topic, but no worries, it will be about packaging.

© R.Cruger -- Ziggy Marley's smoking with Hemp Rules and Coco'Mon

Have you noticed coconut water is much more prominent at … Read More

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100% Recycled Rigid Box Board, Every Time, Always

100% Recycled Box Board

Distant Village's Arlene at Local Recycling Facility

It seems like every business wants to build a sustainable branded product line around eco-friendly packaging these days. We have found it doesn’t matter if you seek custom sustainable

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Large-Scale Supply Of Handmade Packaging

One Million Handmade Boxes 

A Million Copies Sold

Little Known Fact: Distant Village has a production capacity of 1,000,000 handmade sustainable boxes within 60 days. Yes, One Million!

Occasionally, we are asked about our capacity to scale up production of

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Low-Cost Packaging Solutions For Sustainable Brands

Two-Buck Chuck! 7"x4"x2" Sustainable Box

I am an optimist. But let’s face it, the economy is rough, and we are not expecting any major changes overnight. That means we need to adjust to this new economic reality. At Distant VillageRead More

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Natural Water-Resistant Paper Boxes

Distant Village Water-Resistant Paper Box


Water-Resistant, Meet Sustainable

Water-resistant paper packaging is essential for many situations. Over the years, clients in various industries had requested premium water-resistant paper packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly. There are various situations where

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Plantable Paper Packaging

Blooming Paper & Packaging

These days, Distant Village Packaging is growing in more ways than one. Our plantable seed paper products have blossomed with great fanfare. Excellent quality high-yield American wildflower seeds combined with the best wholesale prices in the

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Best Value For Sustainable Adhesive Labels: PURE Labels™






Inexpensive and Sustainable

For adhesive labels, the best value is PURE Labels™. Lower priced than conventional labels from large companies like Avery® and Wausau®, these pressure-sensitive labels are a great value, authentically sustainable and … Read More

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