A cradle to cradle® perspective considers the source of the materials, the use of the packaging, the re-use of the packaging for other purposes, giving it a longer life-span to minimize waste.  Our materials are sometimes recycled and always eco-conscious, often using abundant and renewable plant-based fibers and invasive plant species as resources.  We also have devised innovative methods to reduce our carbon footprint by more than 50% on all logistics.
We are actively involved with our artisan communities and contribute toward improvement and betterment programs.  The Distant Village Foundation provides scholarship funding to support educational needs of young students in artisan communities.  Artisan communities are like family to us, when disaster strikes we do what we can to provide relief to help them get back on their feet and keep their families safe.
Job creation, fair wages, fair trade, pre-payment for materials and labor, and steady, guaranteed demand chains are some of the ways we contribute toward fair and conscientious global economic participation.  By engaging industries in remote villages, families thrive, children have futures, and local economies flourish.


Our company was founded in 2000, before the “green wave” and before wider interest in sustainability, eco-friendly, biologique, etc.  From the outset our founder, Rich Cohen, started Distant Village with an innovative and new concept of practical sustainability.  This followed a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility, while focused on business strategy in a competitive capitalistic world.  In 2000, the novel concept of Kind Capitalism© was born with the founding of Distant Village.

Recently there are many wonderful new products and services focused on sustainability.  Public awareness and interest is growing.  To aid the public with information and to bring our clients as close as possible to experiencing and understanding the impact of their Distant Village products and packaging, our company leverages new technology and open communications to provide a clear and honest picture of our practices to the world.

We accomplish this by encasing our 3BL with a commitment to these three principles in all we do:

  • Transparency – We proudly share and promote our practices internally and externally, sharing our deficiencies and our plans to improve.
  • Sincerity – Our history, product lines, and commitment, first and foremost, is committed to 3BL practices.
  • Authenticity – Our business practices with artisans always follow fair trade practices.  All designs and materials follow the best possible sustainable practices which are reasonable, fair and practical.
We strive to accomplish a lot, and we understand there’s room for continuous improvement as we work toward our mission and goals as a company.  Our commitment to ourselves and to our clients is unwavering.  We continuously seek ways to improve our sustainable practices to serving our clients with quality solutions in which they can be proud.