100% Recycled Rigid Box Board, Every Time, Always

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100% Recycled Box Board

Collected Paperwaste

Distant Village's Arlene at Local Recycling Facility

It seems like every business wants to build a sustainable branded product line around eco-friendly packaging these days. We have found it doesn’t matter if you seek custom sustainable boxes for chocolate, jewelry, clothing or any other specialty product – a better green package is increasingly important. Does this describe your company?

As a proud pioneer of wholesale sustainable packaging, Distant Village is accustomed to innovating and introducing a leading edge of green and sustainable value to brand owners. Recently, I was surprised to learn a little fact about our clients — few knew Distant Village has always and forever only been using 100% recycled box board for all its rigid boxes. We couldn’t dream of using anything less. In fact, ever since we opened our doors more than a decade ago, we have always used only 100% recycled box board. Our promise is to deliver the “best of the best” in sustainable presentation packaging.

Seed to Box

Reclaimed Paper Waste Thread Spindles from Textile Manufacturers

100% Recyclable Spindles for Making 100% Recycled Box Board

Sustainable brands thrive on transparency and detailed knowledge of their product and local impact. Packaging is no exception. Authentic sustainable brands must understand what their packaging is made of. How was it produced? By whom? Under safe, clean and fair working conditions? As a recent example, beloved iconic Apple Computer lost face due to recent news published about their manufacturer Foxconn in China. Sustainable brands thrive on rich stories to create a brand-building experience, but as seen in the Apple case, it can cut both ways. Truly sustainable companies rely on transparent supply chains and benefit from having a beautiful authentic sustainable story to share with clients.

Distant Village’s Seed-to-Box initiative is our sustainable approach (noted similarities to the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM C2C concept and Chain of Custody [CoC] at FSC, with an important addition of Fair Trade principles).  Seed-to-Box represents our ongoing and relentless commitment to delve into the roots of our supply chain. We establish awareness and key strategic exclusive relationships with our raw goods producers/growers, including our recycled paper chipboard producer. This is how we can stand behind our promise and knowledge that all boxes are 100% recycled box board. Certainly it is demanding, especially on a small business like ours, however as our loyal clients can attest, it is a sustainability journey that uniquely defines Distant Village. It is what defines Distant Village as a sustainable leader and innovator.
100% Recycled Box Board Hot off the Press

100% Recycled Box Board Hot off the Press


100% Sustainable, Rest Assured

Distant Village is committed to knowing the source, identity and sustainability of every aspect of the custom boxes we produce. We share with our B2B clients and their customers the human stories, photos, video and a world of details about the packaging they are using – it is our mission to empower and build artisan communities and to celebrate humanity through this custom handmade sustainable packaging made in distant villages. Our growing fair trade packaging community is creating hundreds of thousands of boxes for premium sustainable brands. Why not yours?

100% Recycled Box Board for Best Sustainable 100% Recyclable Compostable Boxes


Ask us how packaging can build your brand and raise your company’s sustainability profile. Contact us atemail hidden; JavaScript is required or call at 1-773-276-4554. We look forward to learning how we may help.

Distant Village designs custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™, a world leading sustainable adhesive label. Our packaging helps brands  express an authentic sustainable message. Distant Village was founded in 2000 and is a proud member of Green AmericaSocial Venture Network, and Fair Trade Federation.

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