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Oprah's O Magazine - Soap Packaging

Oprah MagazineOprah Winfrey’s O Magazine highlights “secret book” gift box with set of natural organic soaps from Skinny Skinny Soaps. The fair trade and green packaging was produced by Distant Village, Inc.  More>>

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abc7: Chicago company offers 'green' packaging

abc7 LogoRich Cohen and Distant Village was featured on abc7, article “Chicago company offers ‘green’ packaging” More>>

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Interview with Dennis Salazar

abc7 LogoRich Cohen was interviewed by Dennis Salazar at Salazar Packaging, inc. More>>

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EVC Conference Panel The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sustainability

Chicago BOOTH LogoRich Cohen joined panelists at EVC Conference Panel The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sustainability at University of Chicago BOOTH Event PDF>>

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2008 Best Green Packaging (HBA)

HBA Global Logo

Fair trade and green packaging produced by Distant Village, Inc. was awarded “Best Green Packaging” by Health and Beauty Association (HBA) for “secret book” gift box to hold set of natural organic soaps from SkinnySkinny Soaps in New York. More>>

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Earth Now Expo Las Vegas

Earth Now Expo LogoRich Cohen joined Earth Now Expo in Las Vegas 2008 More>>

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