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GreenFest Chicago

Green Festival LogoRich Cohen joined panelists on World Fair Trade Day, May 14th, to discuss Fair Trade Entrepreneurship at GreenFest Chicago More>>

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Member Of The Week

Business Fights Poverty LogoMeet Rich Cohen, Founder and CEO of Distant Village Packaging: Member of the Week. An interview with Rich Cohen by Business Fights Poverty. More>>

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2010 Most Innovative 3S Program

Distant Village Inc. was awarded Best in 3S Class for Most Innovative Program 3S Program by The Global Sourcing Council. Award was presented by Dr. Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the Global Sourcing Council. More>>

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Package Design Magazine

Cover Story: Four clients of Distant Village are highlighted for their outstanding sustainable packaging.  Full PDF>>

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International Business Forum (New Delhi, India)

IWE LogoRich Cohen was invited as a contributor to the International Business Forum series 2010- 2012 “Investment Climate for Climate Investment – fostering business dynamics for inclusive low carbon growth” More>> Event PDF>>

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2010 Best Eco-CSR Program

Distant Village Philippines, Inc. was awarded “Best Eco-CSR Program of the year” by the government of the Philippines

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