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How To Make Award-Winning Packaging

Could your packaging drive more sales? Good packaging performs, bringing higher sales and profits to your business. 

Successful brand leaders understand that a “cost minimization” approach to packaging is not a winning strategy. They consistently focus their packaging strategy around “revenue maximization.” Simply put, a smart packaging strategy drives sales and profit!

The sustainable revolution is reinventing markets, brands and entire industries. As companies are shifting gears to be increasingly sustainable, now is an excellent time for rebranding. Sustainable packaging is leading the way.

Recently, four of Distant Village’s clients were highlighted on the cover of Package Design Magazine.

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Sustainability 2.0: Fair Trade And Social Responsibility

Fair Trade and Social Responsibility are Sustainability’s Hottest Topics

As I prepare for speaking engagements for next month’s GreenFest events in Chicago and Seattle, it occurred to me that the topics centered on fair trade. That’s interesting because GreenFest

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Quick Steps To Check Greenwashing Of Packaging

Have you ever questioned if a sustainable packaging product was as “eco-friendly,” “green” or “sustainable” as claimed by the manufacturer? Do you always trust corporate marketing machines, labels and their claims? 

There is good reason to worry. Authentic sustainable brands

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Lessons From Chain Of Custody (CoC) To Improve Sustainable Handmade Packaging

The Chain of Custody-inspired initiative at Distant Village introduces an exciting dimension to sustainable packaging.

As a brief refresher, Chain of Custody (CoC) refers to the chronological documentation and proof regarding extraction, custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of sustainable

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Custom Handmade Packaging To Increase Visibility Of Your Green Product

Banana Fiber Packaging with Product Detail Card, designed and produced for Zen Jewelz by Distant Village.


It is truly rewarding for me to see our clients beating this economic downturn. Green business is good and growing rapidly. A large part

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Three Tips to Improve Revenue through Sustainable Packaging

How does your company use packaging to communicate your sustainable message? For more than 10 years we have pioneered and proven that sustainable packaging is ‘green gold.’

Top 3 Value Drivers of Sustainable Packaging

• Authenticity. Our experience proves that

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Sustainable Packaging, The Distant Village Way

Rich with Artisans

Distant Village designs beautiful handmade sustainable packaging. We create packaging to help our clients build strong brand identity and communicate an authentic sustainable position.

A lot of people ask “what does SUSTAINABLE really mean?!?! I mean, how do you define … Read More

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