Top 3 Sustainable Branded Packaging Sources

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Choosing the best sustainable packaging supplier for your brand packaging can be a challenge.

Questions abound for sustainable packaging buyers, such as: Which supplier provides the best quality 100% Recycled Boxes? Do they provide FSC certified papers? Do they use agri-based or soy inks? Do they understand Vegan Packaging options? Can I get boxes which utilize 100% Wind Energy? Is the packaging be 100% Carbon Neutral?

The challenge is not just in finding supply sources, but then validating and qualifying the sources for quality, sustainability and reliability.

If you’re seeking paper-based custom packaging, here is a short list of 3 of the best suppliers for custom packaging which you can trust.


Organized by category, the following 3 sources operate within the same framework of Distant Village, Inc. and provide a full range of supply for green packaging.

RIGID & FOLDING BOXES, PRINTED PAPER – Look no further than Elevate Packaging for the best in custom solutions for sustainable packaging. Always sustainable and professional in service, Elevate Packaging provides 100% sustainable custom packaging. They cover a wide range of packaging solutions from Rigid and Set-up boxes to Printed Papers and Brochures, to Folding Boxes for retailers. Able to produce the best-in-class sustainable packaging which ticks off all the boxes on your sustainable packaging checklist, using 100% recycled papers, 100% wind energy, 100% carbon offsets, FSC certified, eco-friendly inks (agri-based and soy inks). Great design is a hallmark of Elevate Packaging, with their expert sustainable packaging design team. Learn more at

ADHESIVE LABELS – It is no secret the rapidly growing PURE Labels™ product line is the undisputed leader in sustainable adhesive label stock. These are the only 100% Recycle Compatible labels and 100% Compostable Labels made from Fair Trade Tree-Free Papers. They are simply the best in sustainable adhesive labels. The company’s website provides convenient ordering for printed labels from 500 to 10,000 in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, shipping in just 5 days. For larger orders, contact them directly. And for commercial professional label printers, the company provides master rolls of the raw label stock to printers across USA, Europe, Asia, and more. Learn more at

BRANDED HANDMADE PACKAGING – Distant Village Packaging was an early pioneer of sustainable packaging in 2000, blazing the path of 100% sustainable packaging, and defining the gold standard in 3BL sustainable packaging. Today the company continues to enjoy a position of leadership as the world’s first and only fair trade sustainable packaging company, specializing in exquisitely designed handmade packaging for premium brands in Chocolate, Jewelry, Bath and Body, and more. Tickle your senses and enjoy the exciting possibilities of world-class branded packaging from this award-winning sustainable packaging supplier. Learn more at

Distant Village is a leader in sustainable packaging since 2000. Our revolutionary approach as sustainable packaging innovators has earned international recognition and awards in paper packaging and adhesive labels industries. Distant Village follows an unwavering commitment to triple bottom line sustainable business practices. From start to finish, every product manufactured by Distant Village has a full-circle view of sustainability in mind, including packaging design, natural plant-based materials, certified papers, Green Energy, Fair Trade, and social responsibility.

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  1. Posted Apr 7, 2015 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    Trying to find the perfect packaging for products can be difficult. Right now I have a few products that I need to ship, but I don’t have good packaging. It would be really great to look into some sustainable packaging to see if there would be anything available. Then I could be making a good impact on the environment when I ship my products, instead of using materials that aren’t sustainable.

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