Sustainability 2.0: Fair Trade And Social Responsibility

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Green America

Fair Trade and Social Responsibility are Sustainability’s Hottest Topics

As I prepare for speaking engagements for next month’s GreenFest events in Chicago and Seattle, it occurred to me that the topics centered on fair trade. That’s interesting because GreenFest is put on by Green America. I expected they’d ask me to speak on the eco/green aspects of packaging. This week, I was interviewed by UK-based Business Fights Poverty. The topic again centered on fair trade. A few months earlier, I was invited to New Delhi to assist in planning the International Business Forum. And the topic was socially responsible business innovation. I started connecting the dots and realized there is a shift in sustainability from “green” topics to “socially conscious and fair trade” topics.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly on the agendas of more and more corporations. Leaders in sustainability have been following socially responsible practices since their inception.  Sustainability wisdom and leadership is built into the DNA of companies like Aveda, Cliff Bar, Kind, Stoneyfield Farms, Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, Starbuck’s, Marks & Spencer and The Body Shop. They serve as helpful references as to the future of sustainability. Their products and packaging reflect their values.

What is Sustainability 2.0?

As our global understanding of sustainability evolves and matures, Sustainability 2.0 is clearly taking shape as transparency of socially responsible practices. Sustainability means a triple bottom line, which encompasses:

::  People

::  Planet

::  Profit

Sustainability 1.0 focuses on the Planet (environmental), particularly on topics such as green, eco-friendly, natural, recycled, etc. Certainly there’s more work to be done with Sustainability 1.0, and as our understanding of eco-friendly develops, authentic efforts build brands and early greenwashers are being exposed.

Is your green packaging from socially responsible or fairly traded sources? Stay ahead of the curve and align your packaging for Sustainability 2.0.

Distant Village designs beautiful custom handmade sustainable packaging. We create packaging to build strong brand identity and communicate an authentic sustainable message. Distant Village is a member of Green America and Chicago Fair Trade.

Find out more about Social Responsibility at Distant Village Packaging

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One Comment

  1. Posted Jan 10, 2012 at 8:07 pm | Permalink

    Great post on the evolution of sustainability from the environment to people and profit.
    Perhaps the next jump to Sustainability 3.0 would be when one embraces a whole ‘philosophy’ (the 4th P) of sustainability. This holistic approach ensures that even our carbon footprint is being offset which means planning ahead and being in empathy to our surroundings as well as future generations.

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