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These days, Distant Village Packaging is growing in more ways than one. Our plantable seed paper products have blossomed with great fanfare. Excellent quality high-yield American wildflower seeds combined with the best wholesale prices in the industry have attracted wholesale clients with a wide range of needs, including growing seed paper boxes, bags, invitations and more. As reliable leaders in the seed paper market, we’re serving industry-leading distributors likeAmerican Greenwood (Sprout Tyme line).

Hand “Polishing” of Seed Papers

All of our plantable papers bloom with a variety of American wildflower seeds. Producing growable paper, which can also be printable, may be more challenging than many may realize. Seeds must be carefully selected based on size, durability, longevity, blotting and botanical temperament. Only the highest quality seeds are chosen to ensure your papers bloom each and every time. The papers are made from only natural and sustainable fiber blends. The seeds are embedded in the papers (this is a trade secret) in a way that allows them to be preserved and enables our papers to have extremely high flower yield rates. We then create custom boxes, bags, wedding favors, baby shower cards, calendars, letter press cards, bookmarks, confetti, garden tags, wrapping paper, paper packs, greeting cards and more with the flower paper.


Flower Power

Seed Paper Drying on Bamboo Racks
Seed Paper Drying on Bamboo Racks

Seed Paper packaging and products have been a favorite for promotions and green weddings. We’re now expanding our flower power into branded packaging and virtually any product concept our clients desire. Consider how a plantable packaging may grow your business and beautify the environment.

Distant Village designs beautiful custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™.  We create products to build strong brand identity to communicate an authentic sustainable message. Distant Village was founded in 2000 and is a proud member of Green AmericaSocial Venture Network and Chicago Fair Trade.

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    These are very nice packaging materials. Sustainable packaging is the way to go!

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