Packaging Made From Coconut Fiber And Hemp Fiber

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A blog post starting with Ziggy Marley may seem off topic, but no worries, it will be about packaging.

Ziggy Hemp Products

© R.Cruger -- Ziggy Marley's smoking with Hemp Rules and Coco'Mon

Have you noticed coconut water is much more prominent at supermarkets now? Health claims for coconut water contribute toward driving the momentum of the coconut trend, and it seems there are more and more companies launching new coconut water drinks. A few weeks ago at the 2012 Expo West Natural Products show I was amazed to see so many new coconut (and also hemp) products that have popped up to chase these latest trends. Products such as coconut spreads, coconut palm sugar, hemp granola bars, hemp shakes, hemp protein and hemp oil were all around. Ziggy Marley even launched products for both Coconut (Coco’Mon) and Hemp (Hemp Rules). But what, if anything, does this have to do with packaging?

natural chocolate packaging

Banana Fiber Paper for Chocolate Bars and Truffles

green labels

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels Made from Hemp

hemp box

Boxes Made from Hemp Differentiate Products







Catch Trends with Creative Packaging Solutions

Trends come and go, and in the natural products world it seems we always have some sort of new and exciting superfood, superfruit or superseed. To win the packaging race, packaging must keep up with the current. We all know packaging is often the first point of contact between a brand and a consumer (remember P&G’s FMOT?). Packaging has an incredible influence on what consumers choose to buy. For example, if you’re a chocolatier, our cacao-paper packaging is already in the sweet-spot with chocolate lovers. And if you sell hemp products, why not use our manila hemp labels from PURE Labels? In order for packaging to be relevant for emerging new natural products, Distant Villageuniquely positions to rapidly develop solutions that reinforce brands through innovative packaging. We do this to connect with the products inside.

Coconut Excelsior Filler

Exclusive Coconut Excelsior Filler for Void Fill

eco friendly chocolate boxes and bags

Cacao Paper Chocolate Boxes - a Distant Village Original

natural hemp bags

Woven Hemp Bag with Hand Sewn Label for Juniper Urns







Coconut Boxes and Hemp Bags

Back to coconut and hemp…. The natural products world is going gang-busters on these new items, and Distant Village has go-to-market packaging solutions ready-to-go! Boxes, bags, papers, ribbons and labels made with cocoa papers from cacao plant fiber are just the beginning (coming soon – wild flower “growing seed paper” labels). Our design team will create packaging to match your brand and specific dimensions and requirements to precisely match your product. At Distant Village, we understand small to medium specialty businesses – because SMB’s are our exclusive focus. If it is not coconut or hemp, but some other exciting natural product you’re creating products with, and you seek amazing impact from your packaging, let us know how we may help.

coconut keychain

Polished Coconut Shell Keychain. Custom-shaped coco shell buttons add value to packaging

Who can predict what the next natural product trend will be? Maybe Ziggy Marley can. Whoever it may be, Distant Village’s expertise in packaging brand design and production is standing ready to create a solution for you. So when the next coconut, hemp, cacao, green tea, spirulina, coffee or whatever trend comes along, you can count on Distant Village to deliver your natural branded packaging experience and launch your product ahead of the competition.

Ask us how packaging can build your brand and raise your company’s sustainability profile. Contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call at 1-773-276-4554. We look forward to learning how we may help.

Distant Village designs custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™, a world leading sustainable adhesive label. We produce packaging with an authentic sustainable brand message. Distant Village was founded in 2000 and is a proud member of Green AmericaSocial Venture Network, and Fair Trade Federation.
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  1. Anthony Forster
    Posted Apr 6, 2012 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    Hi Have a new bath seletion coming out soon. Most bath toys come in nastie plastic net. We would like to use natural packaging. Can you make coconut net bags? the size will be around 140×100.

    • Rich Cohen
      Posted Apr 6, 2012 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

      Hi Anthony, We have a variety of alternatives to plastic net and plastic bags. I am happy to see you are seeking better eco-friendly materials. We make coconut net bags and also hemp bags. Both of these are 100% Eco-friendly packaging and may be custom designed to meet your needs. Please send your contact details to our email at info at We look forward to helping create a solution to meet your needs. Sincerely, Rich

  2. parthiban.thangavel
    Posted May 18, 2013 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    hi ,
    i wann to create awareness about paper bags , keep city eco – friendly . pls send me some ideas..

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