Natural Water-Resistant Paper Boxes

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Water Resistant Box

Distant Village Water-Resistant Paper Box


Water-Resistant, Meet Sustainable

Water-resistant paper packaging is essential for many situations. Over the years, clients in various industries had requested premium water-resistant paper packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly. There are various situations where water-resistant packaging is essential — cold/chilled, refrigerated, frozen, wet, powder, bakery and more. Traditional packaging companies have been offering water-resistant packaging for years, but they all missed the mark on sustainable fundamentals.

Necessity Is the Mother of Innovation

So, off to the labs went Distant Village and their skilled artisans. After extensive experiments, research and trials, our latest sustainable innovation is ready for prime time: Water-Resistant Paper Packaging.

We take great pride in our reputation as a leader in sustainable packaging. We follow sustainability in accordance with strict triple bottom line metrics – always have, always will. The new water-resistant paper packaging is no exception. It is not only sustainable, but also it performs superbly in water/moisture situations and is frankly very attractive. Furthermore, the new water-resistant paper complies with the strict regulatory requirements and was formulated from ingredients found on FDA lists cleared for food packaging.


Beauty is Essential

Great in the Kitchen, Too

On a personal note, I am particularly excited and proud of the “beautiful” part. As experts in sustainable presentation packaging, we know that beauty is a vital element in creating brand-building packaging for our success and our wonderful clients. Through painstaking efforts and extensive development, these papers were engineered to perform without compromising appearances. In fact, they look so much like “regular tree-free paper” you might not believe they are actually water-resistant as well unless I told you. Unlike other water-resistant papers, the Distant Village water-resistant packaging is not waxy, shiny or glossy. It looks like and feels like plain ol’ natural paper! The end result is an attractive box or bag that is repulpable, compostable, biodegradeable, recyclable, sustainable and, of course, water-resistant.


“Swimming Box Test” Is Successful

Artisan Production of Water-Resistant Paper Box

Our clients are quite pleased with this innovation and excitedly are reporting successful results. One pleased client is entrepreneur Chris Pemberton of Origin Spices, who told us, “We tested the Origin Spices Spice Box made by Distant Village by dumping a pint of water over it and laying it in a pool of water on the counter – it still looks and works fine.” Chris has decided to launch his three new chef product lines (baker’s box, salt box and cook’s box) using the Distant Village Water-Resistant display boxes.

Next, I can’t wait to tell you about our flame-resistant paper packaging!

Distant Village designs beautiful custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™.  We create products to build strong brand identity to communicate an authentic sustainable message. Distant Village was founded in 2000 and is a proud member of Green AmericaSocial Venture Network, and Chicago Fair Trade.


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