How To Make Award-Winning Packaging

Distant Village custom Green Heart box

Could your packaging drive more sales? Good packaging performs, bringing higher sales and profits to your business. 

Successful brand leaders understand that a “cost minimization” approach to packaging is not a winning strategy. They consistently focus their packaging strategy around “revenue maximization.” Simply put, a smart packaging strategy drives sales and profit!

The sustainable revolution is reinventing markets, brands and entire industries. As companies are shifting gears to be increasingly sustainable, now is an excellent time for rebranding. Sustainable packaging is leading the way.

Recently, four of Distant Village’s clients were highlighted on the cover of Package Design Magazine. Each of these companies are first to market with new and truly authentic branded packaging, helping to catapult their products to leadership positions in their markets. They are enjoying increased sales, the sustainability limelight and Eco “bragging rights” to the envy of their competition.

Distant Village custom Abaca Tea box

These are revenue-driving packaging solutions with an authentic sustainable message.

Sustainable packaging is a revenue generator when designed around brand identity. It’s about time to make your product the sustainable sweetheart of your brand category.

In 2010, Distant Village was awarded Most Innovative 3S Program and Best Eco-CSR Program. To learn more about how Distant Village can design award-winning packaging for your brand,

Distant Village designs beautiful custom handmade sustainable packaging.  We create packaging to build strong brand identity and communicate an authentic sustainable message.

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    Nice post. I love the idea. It’s nice that we can even print them ourselves with your handy instructions. Thanks for this post.

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