Fair Trade Packaging – The Next Wave

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Fair Trade PURE Labels on Grinderman Coffee BagLabels and Labeling announced PURE Labels™ – a sustainable label substrate manufactured by Distant Village, Inc. – was the first packaging company to receive recognition from the Fair Trade Federation for their innovative new PSA label material produced with fair-trade paper facestock.

Why Is This Significant?

This is the beginning of a new wave of packaging innovation.  Distant Village is the only producer of packaging and labels within the Fair Trade movement.  It means Distant Village is the first and currently the only fair-trade packaging company.

What Is The Business Impact?

Have you noticed more fair trade coffee and tea offered by retailers?  More fair trade chocolates? More fair trade apparel?  Have you notice more fair trade… everything?   If not, you will, because fair trade is growing rapidly.  The fair trade product category is worth more than five billion USD, and growing at more than 20 percent annually. Fair Trade products are rapidly gaining steam and its sister industry LOHAS (Lifestyle of Healthy and Sustainable) is growing rapidly too, as witnessed at Natural Products Expo West and Expo East as well as the Natural Product Association.  If you do not yet know, the Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest and premier tradeshow for the natural, organic and healthy products industry.

Fair Trade Distant Village LogoWhat Is FAIR TRADE Packaging?

Fair trade companies seek to change the world for better, producing their products at a world-class level of responsibility, following essential principles outlined by Fair Trade organizations such as Fair Trade Federation, FLO, and Fair Trade USA.  Distant Village is a leader in branded packaging experiences within the LOHAS and sustainable segment, and packaging for fair trade products is more powerful and relevant when the packaging itself is fair-trade produced, while still made with high quality, brand-focused packaging.

The recent announcement about PURE Labels™ enables fair trade products, even in the form of a simple natural sticker on their packaging, to show their alignment with fair trade principles.

What are PURE Labels™?Pure Labels from Distant Village

Pure Labels are manufactured by Distant Village, Inc. using the company’s exclusive fair trade facestock made of their trademark wildgrass and hemp blend of paper.  Pure Labels is a global category leader in sustainable packaging. It is the only PSA label which is 100% recycle-compatible, natural, and fair trade.  Label printers are the real winners because they finally have a sustainable solution which also performs like a champ with practically any printing technology.

More development is in the works at Distant Village.  The next generation of sustainable fair trade labels to launch by summer 2013 include Compostable sticker labels and a wet-strength artisan PSA label targeted toward the bath and body, and wine and spirits segments.

Since Distant Village’s founding in 2000, we have earned international recognition and awards as a leading innovator and pioneer in sustainable packaging and adhesive labels.  Distant Village has an unwavering commitment to triple bottom line sustainable business practices.  From start to finish, every product manufactured by Distant Village has a full-circle view of sustainability in mind, including natural plant materials, Fair Trade, and socially responsible.  Distant Village is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

The Fair Trade Federation is the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. The Federation is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.

Distant Village is an award-winning sustainable packaging firm.  Recognized by NBC as one of Chicago’s Top Eco-preneurs the firm designs custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™, a world leading sustainable adhesive label made in the USA.   Distant Village is the packaging leader in creating an authentic sustainable brand experience.   Distant Village was founded in 2000 and a proud member of Green America, Social Venture Network, and Fair Trade Federation.   Click here to watch Distant Village’s award-winning 2-minute video about social responsibility in packaging.

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  1. Posted Nov 14, 2013 at 11:09 pm | Permalink

    Cool post. I think I saw these labels at a recent green trade show. They are awesome!

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