Custom Handmade Packaging To Increase Visibility Of Your Green Product

Banana Fiber Packaging with Product Detail Card by Distant Village
Banana Fiber Packaging with Product Detail Card, designed and produced for Zen Jewelz by Distant Village.


It is truly rewarding for me to see our clients beating this economic downturn. Green business is good and growing rapidly. A large part our satisfaction comes from the

fact that we are part of our client’s successful “green product recipe.” Their packaging, designed and produced by Distant Village, has contributed toward their growth and sales. I would like to share some insight to their success with you.

First and foremost, these clients are focused on sustainable or eco leadership in their market. One thing is common amongst them all: They all offer high-quality products,

and green product leadership is a priority. They all face the similar challenge of being “seen.” Regardless of their size or whether they are new or well-established companies

– they all need consumers to know they are authentically green. Visibility is often the key ingredient to their ultimate success.

The critical insight these companies have is that they figured out how to invest in their green image to gain visibility and sales. They are not investing in advertising, but

rather the substance of their product and packaging. Green packaging is especially important when communicating their green marketing message. How can a company communicate in a subtle but powerful way that they are the “real deal?” There is a lot of green hype, so how can a product rise above the noise to get the attention of discriminating eco consumers?

Handmade Paper Boxes and Bags from Distant Village are a strategic component to their product value proposition. One Distant Village client recently told me she doubled product sales soon after moving from conventional packaging to her custom designed boxes from Distant Village! There are amazing results, no doubt. By using Distant Village’s treeless papers, made with a super low carbon footprint, and innovative sustainable packaging designs, these companies have left their competition in the dust, topping the charts in their respective categories, and growing sales in green business segments. We have enjoyed watching our customers win important new accounts, winning deals for Whole Foods, Dean and DeLuca, and appearing in Oprah’s “O” magazine and The Food Network. Custom designed, authentically sustainable packaging has been a cornerstone to their success.

There is no quick and easy solution to green business success. We feel fortunate to be part of our client’s success, and in these challenging economic times it is more than

ever important to find that secret “green” angle.

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