Best Value For Sustainable Adhesive Labels: PURE Labels™






Inexpensive and Sustainable

For adhesive labels, the best value is PURE Labels™. Lower priced than conventional labels from large companies like Avery® and Wausau®, these pressure-sensitive labels are a great value, authentically sustainable and perform excellently on ink-jet and laser-jet printers.

Pure Labels custom rolls

Sustainable Beyond Compare

PURE Labels™ are recognized as the leader in labels sustainability. Produced by Distant Village, PURE Labels™ are 100% non-tree plant fiber made with wild grass. Pretty smart, hey?  They’re naturally beautiful and the ideal fit for sustainable companies seeking a natural look in their adhesive labels. The labels have been widely recognized by a variety of industry experts in label and print as the best in category. A concise and fair summary was posted by a blog reviewer at the Going Beyond Green review on Plus, there is much more to read in terms of the fair trade and recycled silicone liner at Distant Village’s website.

Perfect for Business and Home

Pure LabelsMost leading eco-friendly label printers already have PURE Labels™ stock available for custom label print jobs. For home and business needs the labels are available in Avery-compatible formats for desktop label printing of shipping labels, return address labels, address labels, name badges, circles or other shapes. Save money and improve your sustainable footprint by using PURE Labels™. All PURE Labels™ products have been approved, tested and are compatible with Avery templates.

Distant Village designs beautiful custom handmade sustainable packaging and produces PURE Labels™.  We create products to build strong brand identity and communicate an authentic sustainable message. Distant Village is a member of Green America and Chicago Fair Trade.

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