New from Distant Village

Sustainable Leadership & Innovation

Fresh ideas and innovative design are essential for industry leadership. The hallmark of our success is reflected in our track record and accolades, and the success of our clients. Our focus is to understand your
needs and create authentic story-telling brand equity around your company and product. This is the essence of our business.

Creating new products and packaging from exciting innovative natural materials and using exclusive processes is our expertise. Our commitment to continuous innovation and exclusive products provides our clients with a palette of world-class sustainable materials which they can create amazing authentic solutions.

Enjoy our whole new world of continuously fresh ideas. (and of course, following world-class sustainability)

Coconut Excelsior

COCONUT EXCELSIOR FILLER a wise and thoughtful replacement for shred fill and wood shaving filler



COCONUT SHELL KEYCHAINS now available at American Greenwood to be laser engraved with your logo



RECYCLED DENIM JEANS PAPER retains its beautiful natural indigo color



COTTON PAPER packaging produced by Women-Empowerment Artisans in India



WILDFLOWER SEED PAPER plantable packaging that grows native flowers



CACAO PAPER made with fallen leaves of cacao plants



WILD GRASS ADHESIVE LABELS use recycle-compatible adhesives and wild grass paper.  Labels of any size or shape with your artwork.