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Top 3 Sustainable Branded Packaging Sources

Choosing the best sustainable packaging supplier for your brand packaging can be a challenge.

Questions abound for sustainable packaging buyers, such as: Which supplier provides the best quality 100% Recycled Boxes? Do they provide FSC certified papers? Do they use agri-based or soy inks? Do they understand Vegan Packaging options? Can I get boxes which utilize 100% Wind Energy? Is the packaging be 100% Carbon Neutral?

The challenge is not just in finding supply sources, but then validating and qualifying the sources for quality, sustainability and reliability.

If you’re seeking paper-based custom packaging, here is a short list of 3 … Read More

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Fair Trade Packaging – The Next Wave

Labels and Labeling announced PURE Labels™ – a sustainable label substrate manufactured by Distant Village, Inc. – was the first packaging company to receive recognition from the Fair Trade Federation for their innovative new PSA label material produced with fair-trade … Read More

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Top 5 Questions to Find Sustainable Packaging


Rainforest Alliance Certified Paper

Distant Village Packaging has expanded capabilities through strategic partnerships with the leading paper-based packaging sources throughout the USA.

One-Stop for All Paper Packaging

When authentic deep-rooted sustainable packaging matters, count on Distant Village to provide the … Read More

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Our Best Value In Packaging

When MADE IN USA meets FAIR TRADE amazing things happen!

Distant Village Packaging is proud to introduce our best value in sustainable packaging – premium-quality boxes under $0.50 each.

These new gift boxes are made in America with beautiful artistic

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Sustainable Labels Available Online


Our reputation as a sustainable packaging leader has been built upon more than a decade of uncompromising commitment to 100% sustainable packaging and labels in everything we produce AND by investing in research and development of … Read More

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American-Made Boxes, Bags, and Labels

American-Made Boxes, Bags, and Labels

Can socially-conscious packaging unite people?  You bet!  Americans are clamoring for American-made artisan packaging.  “Buying American” invokes meaningful impact to customers who know plenty of unemployed folks in their community.  Distant Village is proudly selling beautiful … Read More

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Labels and Labeling: PURE Labels™ Earns Fair Trade Recognition

Have you seen our revolutionary and highly successful Pure Labels™ product?  PURE Labels has received recognition and accolades as a leading specialty label which is ideal for artisan and specialty products.

Pure Labels™ is a leading sustainable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) … Read More

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Top Trends Leading The Future Of Sustainable Packaging

100% Recycled Packaging

In my previous blog post I shared new and innovative sustainable packaging developments which included mushrooms, wild grass, banana plant fiber and hemp.  Pretty exotic and exciting stuff!  This is the new normal in packaging.

However let’s

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Five Best Non-Tree Paper Packaging Solutions

Tree-Free Packaging made from invasive plant fibers. 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

Keeping up with the newest sustainable packaging alternatives is like keeping up with the latest techie gadgets. The sustainable packaging market is evolving rapidly, and yesterday’s top alternative

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Packaging Made From Coconut Fiber And Hemp Fiber

natural chocolate packaging

A blog post starting with Ziggy Marley may seem off topic, but no worries, it will be about packaging.

© R.Cruger -- Ziggy Marley's smoking with Hemp Rules and Coco'Mon

Have you noticed coconut water is much more prominent at … Read More

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