Buyers Guide to Sustainable Paper Packaging

As a companion to the Buyers Checklist for Adhesive Labels, here is a quick and easy-to-use checklist for sustainable paper packaging.  Use this concise guide when sustainable or eco-friendly … Read More

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How to Create an Irresistible Sustainable Brand

The Whole “Brand” Picture

Suppose your product is sustainable.  That is, your product may be 100% organic, natural, holistic, fair trade, recycled, compostable, or embodies some über-sustainable attribute.  And, your … Read More

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PURE LABELS™ Online 20% Discount

20% off


As quick as a bolt of lightning, labels will be on sale for 20% off at PURE Labels™ until February 15, 2014.  There are no limits but time … Read More

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Top 3 Trends in Sustainable Packaging to Watch in 2014

#1 Fair Trade Packaging

Fair trade continues to gain momentum and the adoption of fair trade practices will accelerate throughout 2014.  Most recently, Patagonia announced they’ll be one of the … Read More

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A Buyer Checklist for Sustainable Adhesive Labels

Avery Eco-Friendly Mailing Labels

Q:  Are 100% Recycled Paper Labels Really Eco-Friendly?

I received a call from a person asking whether 100% recycled paper or Kraft paper labels were the better eco-option for their … Read More

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Top 3 Sustainable Branded Packaging Sources

Choosing the best sustainable packaging supplier for your brand packaging can be a challenge.

Questions abound for sustainable packaging buyers, such as: Which supplier provides the best quality 100% Recycled … Read More

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Fair Trade Packaging – The Next Wave

Labels and Labeling announced PURE Labels™ – a sustainable label substrate manufactured by Distant Village, Inc. – was the first packaging company to receive recognition from the Fair Trade Federation … Read More

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Top 5 Questions to Find Sustainable Packaging


Rainforest Alliance Certified Paper

Distant Village Packaging has expanded capabilities through strategic partnerships with the leading paper-based packaging sources throughout the USA.

One-Stop for All Paper Packaging

When authentic deep-rooted … Read More

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Our Best Value In Packaging

When MADE IN USA meets FAIR TRADE amazing things happen!

Distant Village Packaging is proud to introduce our best value in sustainable packaging – premium-quality boxes under $0.50 each.


Read More
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Sustainable Labels Available Online


Our reputation as a sustainable packaging leader has been built upon more than a decade of uncompromising commitment to 100% sustainable packaging and labels in everything … Read More

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